Nathan, Singapore

“I’m proud to be one of the players, coached by Amazing Coach Sri. With my job move due on professional end and issues on personal side, I was looking for help badly and there could not be any other better way than a coach like Sri to fit in that timeline for resolving issues. I signed up weekly sessions quickly and my coach alternated discussions on personal and professional issues. After every discussion, I could feel that I managed to unlock my potential and progress on next steps. More importantly, the sessions were not like “here is your solution – go & do” but rather “Yes! Now I figured out what I need to do. Thank you” so I feel full ownership of what actions I need to take and how. In both personal and professional fronts, coaching sessions helped me a lot in giving the clarity and how can do my role not just to sustain but to succeed. I feel that every professional need a coach like Sri, if we believe in personal reflections for a better leadership and better work-life harmony.” Thank you Sri