I empower people to be always at their best by raising their self awareness and enabling them to make conscious choices aligned with their unique values and dreams

The following Coaching Offerings are available.

    Leadership Coaching

    Can you imagine a professional athlete not having a coach? Of course not. Athletes use coaching to continue to improve their game and to be more effective with their teammates. Even when at their peak, athletes use coaching to continue to perform and thrive in a dynamic and competitive environment. Executives and Leaders need coaching for all the same reasons.

    Leadership coaching is the conscious process of developing talents and competencies within individuals so that they can work more effectively with others.

    Benefits of Leadership Coaching includes Enhanced Personal Performance, Empowerment of the Team, Offering Fresh Perspectives, Confidence Boost and Job/Life Satisfaction.

    In this Leadership Coaching annual Offering, we will work on increasing Self Awareness to address blindspots, Communication Styles, Listening Skills, Emotional Self regulation, foster Growth Mindset, cultivate Empathy and Leverage on team strengths. 

    Career Coaching

    As a fresh graduate, are you wondering what career path is best suited for you?

    As a young professional, do you feel you are in a wrong career path where your innate potential does not find expression?

    As a middle aged professional, are you looking forward to a career switch aligned with your passion and values?

    If your answer to any of the above is a YES, then Career Coaching Offering is designed for you. Over 8 coaching sessions along with interim support structure, we will embark on a journey to discover your values, passion, strengths and areas for development to identify the most suitable career pathway to unleash your potential.

        Performance Coaching

        Are you struggling to meet your annual key result areas / performance metrics?
        Are you struggling with limiting behaviors that is hampering your career growth at workplace and want to overcome it?
        Do you feel you are less valued at your workplace?
        Do you feel that you are not able to perform up to your potential at your workplace?
        Do you feel stuck in the your career progress ?

        If your answer to any of the above statement is YES, then Performance Coaching Offering is designed for you. Over 12 coaching sessions along with interim support structure, we will focus on SMART GOAL setting, identify your strengths and areas for development, create action plan to rise above your self limiting behaviors if any and improve your PERFORMANCE AND VISIBILTY 

        To learn more, schedule a Discovery Session with me and find out how I can support to help achieve your dreams

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