Planning a Career Transition

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Research indicates globally ~75% of employees are disenchanted with their work life. It’s easy to confuse stress, monotony and a poor company culture with professional unhappiness. Sure, all of these things can lead to disenchantment with your job, but it doesn’t mean you should jump off one career path and onto another.

Before you get emotionally involved with making a career transition, determine the root cause of your desire to change paths. Are you truly unhappy with your current professional path? Are you being realistic about how making a career transition will impact your happiness? Are you ready to start over professionally or are you merely trying to run from something else?

Companies are looking for talent ready to hit the ground running — not someone hitting reset. If your current skills and abilities don’t closely align with your new area of interest, don’t expect to waltz into a new role at the same level of responsibility and earning potential you enjoy today. It is critical to weigh your options financially. Are you willing to work for less considering you most likely aren’t ready to perform at the highest level in a new field?

The answers to the above questions I have posed are not simple and straightforward. It is unique to each individual and getting the right answers often requires getting several layers deeper to know yourself, your values, your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and most important of all what is YOUR definition of a successful career. At the end of the day, only you know what makes sense for you personally, professionally and financially.

Switching jobs is challenging enough, but making a transition into a new field or industry can be overwhelming. This is where career coaches like me can help you to make the transition decision well informed and journey less stressful. Based on my coaching experience, I have co-created a six week career transition package with my clients who found it very useful and rewarding. It will be a journey of self discovery designed to help you understand who you are, what you want, identify your career values and explore career options aligned with your values. The end result will be a conscious and well informed career transition plan for effective execution

What does my six week career transition package offer

1. Reclaim your power at work : In order to make changes in your career it helps to understand what you enjoy, and what you don’t, in your current work. Then you can make yourself more comfortable where you are while you ponder and take action on alternative careers or new directions. Please remember that it’s very important when making big changes in our lives to move from a position of STRENGTH – and not from a position of weakness or unhappiness

2. Personal SWOT Analysis: To distinguish yourself, recognizing your unique skills, strengths and talents, plan strategies to manage your weaknesses and threats and take advantage of any opportunities

3. 360 Degree Feedback : This will help you to get a glimpse of how do other people see you? What are your blind spots – hidden talents or shortcomings you’re not aware of? When we get clear on which talents or strengths other people value in us it gives us the chance to showcase these and strengthen ourselves. And when we know what other people consider as our shortcomings it gives us the chance, if we decide it’s necessary, to improve ourselves OR improve how other people perceive us.

4. Identify your Work Values: Knowing your work values enables you to understand what drives and motivates you while at work. It also helps clarify what you may want to avoid in the workplace. And once you’re clear on your work values (whether you’re looking at a new role, career change or just looking for ways to improve your current situation), you can do so in an informed manner. Knowing your work values will enable you to choose roles, careers and activities at work that support and enhance your values – and avoid those that contradict them. Because one definition of career fulfilment is simply “living your values”.

5. Your Career discovery Journey : The purpose of this session is to help you look for common threads and patterns that run thoughout your life. These threads may point to possible careers or simply qualities to build into your work-life

Interested to know more about the career transition package and how it can help you make your career journey successful? Email me at to set up a complimentary 30 minutes phone conversation. In your session, we’ll talk specifically about further details of how the career transition package can help you meet your goals. If I can help you further, I’ll tell you how. I always endeavor to add value to my clients and do not believe in hard selling.”

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